Wealth Management

Your financial needs change over time, and so may your investment needs.  


With a wide range of investment products, we can help you get to your investment goals in a way that suits you. 


Be it saving for retirement, a vacation,  your children's education or an emergency fund, we have a strategy to help  you achieve financial success.

Investment Chart


Using Registered Retirement Savings Plans to save money for your  retirement is a great way to take advantage of the tax benefits associated with them, along with great growth potential.


By carefully reviewing your retirement goals along with your current and future financial needs, a personalized plan for you can be realized.


Registered Retirement Income Funds are a useful tool in retrieving  income from your retirement savings in a tax efficient manner. 

With RRIFs, you still have control over how your money is invested and your investment is still exposed to the market.
Locked-In plans (LRIF) are also available.


The TFSA is a unique tax-free savings program now offered to help you accumulate more savings, TAX FREE

Place income generated by invested sums (existing investments, investment income, inheritances, donations, etc.) in a tax shelter account to maximize your savings with retirement or financial goal in mind. 


Our children are the future and what greater start than the option to enhanced education opportunities.  With Registered Education Savings Plans, you can save for post-secondary education while also receiving a grant from the government every year. 

Individual and family plans are available and there are also tax benefits applicable.


With Guaranteed Investment Certificates, your principal investment is invested for a pre-determined period of time with a rate of return which is guaranteed at the maturity date of the investment.    


There are many different options now available for GICs, with terms as short as 1 month and as long as 10 years, as well as progressive rate GICs.


There are a variety of Annuity products which provide  you with income in a way which best fits your financial picture.    


Types of Annuities available are:  

Life Annuity, Prescribed Annuity, Term Certain Annuity


In order to decide which Annuity product is right for you, we will need to discuss and review your personal situation. 

Non Registered

Regular saving in investments which are not registered are a great  way to take advantage of the investment market for short-term savings as well as long-term savings aside from your retirement savings. 
With more competitive rates than the regular savings account at the bank, you are exposed to more growth potential and hopefully quicker  financial results.