Risk Management

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Offering the best sources for your insurance needs, we can ensure that you are obtaining ideal coverage that best fits your lifestyle requirements.   


We work closely with insurance companies to provide you with excellent customer service and to offer you more competitive plans.   

Corporate Financial Services

Life Insurance is an essential part of any good risk management strategy. 

Life insurance will protect your family, business or estate in the event of the unexpected. Plans range from short term to permanent, as well as Universal Life which has various tax sheltering advantages, you can guarantee that there is a plan which fits you. If you already have life insurance protection we can help you to choose appropriate coverage amount, and potentially lower your current rates.

Mortgage Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance

The financial consequences of a Critical Illness can be more severe than that of a death. Everyone knows someone who has suffered a critical illness and the majority of those who are afflicted do survive.         


The inability to work and/or afford necessary medical treatment plays a major part in a person's recovery. With Critical Illness Insurance, financial stress is removed from the equation,  you receive a tax-free lump sum payment to use how ever you choose.

Travel Insurance

Mortgage Insurance is usually required when you obtain a mortgage.


Unlike the mortgage insurance offered to you by the bank, mortgage insurance through an insurance company gives you more control and flexibility over your policy.

Being prepared for an accident and illness while outside of Canada by purchasing Travel Insurance is a responsible choice. 

Your provincial plan only covers a fraction of these potential costs, which could leave you with a significant out of pocket expense.   

We offer Travel Insurance through Manulife Financial.

Long Term Care and Disability Insurance

With flexible plan choices, Long Term Care Insurance can be tailored to your needs and budget. Long Term Care Insurance pays a daily benefit if you lose the ability to take care of yourself, providing financial coverage for day-to-day living from either a home health care professional or long-term care facility. 

Disability Insurance can protect you in the event of a disabling accident which prevents you from working. With flexible waiting periods, as well as additional protection options such as illness, business overhead and hospitalization insurance, all plans can be customized to best fit your needs.